Functional Testing using Ranorex

Ensure high-quality software through efficient automation testing using Ranorex

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Key Highlights

  • Live Project on Real-life Case Studies
  • Practical Assignments
  • Lifetime Access to Learning Management System
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Course Overview

Ranorex is a GUI-based automation testing tool for web, desktop, and mobile applications. With standard languages like VB.NET and C#, this testing framework helps in the development of automated test module. Ranorex is popular due to its flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Users prefer creating test packages on Ranorex, since the software is highly receptive of different objects, is an advanced reporting tool, and manages errors perfectly.

Course Objectives

  • Learn to create automation test packages for different desktop, web, and mobile-based software applications
  • Get extensively trained to use Ranorex?s automation tools seamlessly
  • Extract automatable loops from manual tests
  • Create detailed reports on tests and their status

Career Benefits

  • Become efficient in software testing
  • Ensure minimal errors and better reports through automation tests
  • Get better job opportunities and remuneration
  • Address testing challenges more easily
  • Expand on skills pertaining to the use of testing tools for faster and smarter testing
  • Improve quality of software by providing shorter turnaround time during testing


  • This course does not require any prerequisites, however, knowledge on software testing will help greatly

Who should take up?

  • Software testers
  • Team Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Automation Test Engineers
  • Manual Test Engineers
  • Quality Assurance Team Members

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Test Automation Architecture
  • Testing Process
  • Testing Strategy
  • Six Phases of Testing
  • Ranorex Installation
  • Ranorex IDE
  • Ranorex benefits
  • Supported UI technologies
  • The Ranorex Studio user interface
  • Create a new test solution
  • Creating & record new Ranorex project
  • Script validation
  • Running the test
  • Repository UI
  • Adapting an Existing Repository
  • Adding Repository Items
  • Waiting for UI Elements - Repository Timeouts
  • Editing RanoreXPath
  • Repository Separation
  • Repository Item Properties
  • RXPath and the Element Browser
  • Arranging the elements in the repository
  • Creating multiple repositories
  • Test Suite structure
  • Arranging the test cases in a suite using folders
  • Adding Setup and Teardown
  • Understanding Error Behavior
  • General settings
  • Advanced Settings
  • Recorder Settings
  • Repository Settings.
  • Imaging Settings
  • Plug-In Specific Settings
  • Manage Data Sources
  • Kind of Data Connectors
  • Simple Data Table
  • CSV File
  • SQL Connector
  • Excel File
  • Using Variables within Recordings
  • Using Variables within the Repository
  • Creating Test Data
  • Combining Variables with Test Data
  • Combining Variables with Parameters
  • Invoking Actions: Selection
  • Executing Data Driven Tests
  • Finding Error Sources from the Logs
  • Handling Individual Action Failures
  • Applying Test Case Error Options
  • Repository Timeouts
  • Handling Conditional Popup
  • Architecture of Websites in the Ranorex Framework
  • Find or filter Web Elements
  • Running Tests on Different Browsers
  • Recording Cross-Browser Tests
  • Adapting to Browser Differences
  • Best Practices for Web Testing
  • Recordings & Repositories
  • Samples
  • Short Introduction to the Structure of RanoreXPath
  • Capture Screenshot Files for Image-Based Search
  • Tracking UI Elements
  • RanoreXPath Edit Mode
  • The Path Editor
  • Creating Ranorex Snapshot Files
  • Understanding Path Expression Syntax
  • Exploring the Desktop and Applications with Spy
  • Generalizing Path Expressions with Variables
  • Introduction
  • Creating a Ranorex snapshot
  • Creating a compressed Ranorex solution
  • Creating a compressed Ranorex report
  • Add a solution settings file to a solution
  • Fix 'element not found' error


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