Spring Framework Certification Training

Develop robust Java applications using Spring framework

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Key Highlights

  • 24 Hours of Case Studies on Real-life Scenarios
  • 8 Sessions of 3 hours each on weekends
  • Practical Assignments
  • Lifetime Access to Learning Management System
  • 24x7 Expert Support
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Online Forum for Discussions

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$199.00 $399.00

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Course Overview

This course has been designed to train learners in inserting predefined APIs in Spring framework to develop Java-based websites quickly. It introduces the principle of inversion of control in which objects are developed by the framework automatically. It educates about the tools and techniques to develop enterprise applications in Java.

Course Objectives

  • Educate about Spring Framework Architecture
  • Train in developing applications using Maven
  • Adept at Spring?s Dependency injection and Autowiring feature
  • Acquaint learners with Data access mechanisms provided by Spring
  • Educate about Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) and AspectJ
  • Teach about integrating Hibernate with Spring
  • Introduction to Spring MVC
  • Teach about designing web applications using Spring MVC
  • Introduction to integrating Apache tiles with Spring
  • Educate about integrating Struts2 and JSF with Spring
  • Teach about Spring Web Flow
  • Coach about log4j for logging
  • Introduction to Spring Integration Framework
  • Acquaint learners with devising test cases with JUnit
  • Introduction to tools and techniques to keep applications secure

Career Benefits

  • Better remuneration as a Java Expert
  • Multi-industry opportunities
  • Considered an expert in developing enterprise-level web applications quickly


  • Prior knowledge of Java and Databases

Who should take up?

  • Professionals keen on learning Java application development
  • Professional Developers

Course Content

  • Introduction to Spring Framework
  • Why Spring
  • Java Frameworks
  • Spring Framework architecture
  • Object Coupling Problem
  • Loose coupling and Tight coupling
  • Dependency Injection and its types
  • Bean Life cycle
  • Bean scopes (singleton and prototype)
  • Annie?s Quizzes
  • LAB
  • Q & A
  • Quick Recap
  • What is Autowiring
  • Different types of autowiring
  • Implementing autowiring in different ways
  • Spring bean definition inheritance
  • Specifying default values using @value annotation
  • Autowiring bean using @Autowired
  • Resolving bean using @Qualifier
  • Defining a component using @Component
  • Using @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy
  • Automatic Bean discovery in a Spring application
  • Using Spring Expression Language(SpEL)
  • Annie?s Quizzes, LAB, Q & A, Quick Recap
  • What is Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)
  • AOP terminologies
  • Implementing MethodBeforeAdvice
  • Implementing AfterReturningAdvice
  • Implementing MethodInterceptor
  • Implementing ThrowsAdvice
  • What is AspectJ
  • AspectJ provided annotations like @Aspect,@Before etc.
  • Data Access Object (DAO)pattern
  • Using property files
  • Annie?s Quizzes
  • LAB
  • Q & A
  • Quick Recap
  • Using Jdbc Template
  • Binding variables in database query
  • Mapping database rows to Java class
  • Jdbc Batch Processing
  • What is Hibernate
  • Working With Hibernate
  • Integrating Hibernate with Spring
  • Database Transaction
  • Spring support for Database transactions
  • Annie?s Quizzes
  • LAB
  • Q & A
  • Quick Recap
  • Spring MVC Architecture
  • MVC Components
  • Setup Spring MVC Application
  • Writing a Spring MVC application
  • Exception Handling
  • Apache Tiles
  • Understand Struts 2 and JSF
  • Integration Spring with Struts
  • Developing a Struts 2 application
  • Integrating JSF with Spring
  • Developing a JSF application
  • Spring Web Flow
  • Spring features for Securing applications
  • Implementing Remember me feature
  • Storing Encrypted Passwords
  • Restricting the number of login attempts
  • Logging with Log4j
  • Writing test cases with JUnit
  • Introduction to messages, channels, and Endpoints
  • Receiving Messages
  • Common Endpoints
  • Endpoint API
  • Message Flow components
  • Introduction to Adapters


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