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Key Highlights

  • 24 Hours of Case Studies on Real-life Scenarios
  • 8 Sessions of 3 hours each on weekends
  • Complimentary pre-recorded course Javascript Essentials for Mastering Node.js
  • Practical Assignments
  • Lifetime Access to Learning Management System
  • 24x7 Expert Support
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Online Forum for Discussions

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Course Overview

This course is designed to train learners in developing fast and highly-scalable network applications using an open source server environment, Node.js. It trains in creating, opening, reading, writing, deleting, and closing files on the server using the Node.js tool.

Course Objectives

  • In-depth understanding of Node.js
  • Educate about Node Package Manager (NPM)
  • Teach about developing applications with Express Framework
  • Train in deploying applications to Heroku
  • Introduction to different template engines, namely, EJS, Handlebars, and Jade
  • Educate about designing web applications with Express using MongoDB
  • Train in using hosted MongoDB provided by MongoLab
  • Educate about hashing password using bcrypt, managing authentication, and logout functionality
  • Teach about deploying Express and MongoDB application to Heroku
  • Educate about setting a custom domain for deployed applications
  • Teach about developing the chat applications using Socket IO
  • Coach about testing codes using Mocha and Chai
  • Train in Grunt and Gulp build systems
  • Introduction to Hapi and Meteor

Career Benefits

  • Considered an expert in developing enterprise-level web applications
  • Demonstrate your expertise in coding complex functionalities
  • Higher paycheck
  • Multi-industry opportunities


  • Prior knowledge of JavaScript
  • Basic understanding of HTML
  • Knowledge of computer

Who should take up?

  • Professionals who want to build their own web-server using NodeJs
  • Project Managers
  • Software Architects
  • Web Developers
  • Programmers
  • Testing Specialists

Course Content

  • What is NodeJS
  • Installing NodeJS
  • Node Package Manager (NPM)
  • ExpressJS Framework
  • Building first Node App using Express
  • Pushing code to GitHub
  • Deploying application to Heroku
  • Using Nodemon
  • JavaScript Templating Engines
  • Creating project using EJS template
  • Twitter Bootstrap, How to modularize code by separating routes
  • How to use EJS partials
  • Deploy code to Heroku
  • Jade Templating Engine
  • Getting started with Jade
  • Using Jade to create a web app
  • Deploying Jade application to Heroku
  • Handlebars Templating Engine
  • Handlebars templates and partials
  • Using Handlebars to create a web app
  • Deploying Handlebars application to Heroku
  • Introduction to MongoDB
  • Getting started with Mongoose
  • Understanding Mongoose Schema and Model
  • Using body-parser and express-session modules
  • Using chalk to differentiate log messages
  • Hashing passwords with bcrypt
  • Performing Authentication using MongoDB
  • Implementing SignUp
  • Login, Logout features
  • Summernote editor
  • Saving user stories
  • Generating a slug for each story
  • Handling 404 and 500 errors
  • Using MongoLabs hosted MongoDB as our database
  • Deploying the applicatoion to Heroku
  • Buying Domain and setting custom domain for Heroku application
  • Introduction to WebSocket and Socket IO
  • Getting started with Socket IO
  • Handling events at server and client side
  • Designing the chat UI
  • Handling private and public messages
  • Deploying the chat application to Heroku
  • What is a Build System and why we need a build system
  • Getting started with Grunt Creating grunt tasks for CSS
  • JS minification and watch
  • Getting started with Gulp
  • Writing gulp tasks for CSS
  • JS minification and watch
  • Writing test cases with Mocha and Chai
  • Getting started with Hapi
  • writing a basic app with Hapi
  • Using Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) to host MySQL database
  • Getting started with Meteor How to choose a web framework from Express
  • Hapi and Meteor


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