Microsoft .NET Framework Certification Training

Build and deploy robust applications using .NET Framework

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Key Highlights

  • Self-paced
  • Practical Assignments
  • Lifetime Access to Learning Management System
  • 24x7 Expert Support
  • Course Completion Certificate
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Course Overview

This course is delineated to train learners in developing applications using .NET framework that can run on the Windows platform. It educates about Object-oriented programming (OOP), .NET Architecture, Visual Studio IDE, Windows Forms using C#.NET, ADO.NET, Collections and Assemblies, ASP.NET, Web Server Controls.

Course Objectives

  • Introduction to Microsoft Framework Architecture
  • Educate about formulating Console Application
  • Teach about Object-oriented programming using C#.NET
  • Train in Data access mechanisms given by ADO.NET
  • Adept at integrating IIS with ASP.NET
  • Educate about developing and consuming Libraries (.dll)
  • Acquaint learners with developing Windows application
  • Train in developing web applications using .NET
  • Introduction to POSTBACK
  • Teach about designing WebSite and WebApplication
  • Acquaint learners with Application Security
  • Introduction to the development and consuming of WebService

Career Benefits

  • Considered an expert in building and deploying applications using .NET Framework
  • Demonstrate expertise in modern computer programming
  • Better remuneration as ASP.NET Web Developer


  • Prior knowledge of any one programming language
  • Basic understanding of Databases

Who should take up?

  • Professionals keen on learning MS.NET
  • Professionals who want to become ASP.NET Web Developer

Course Content

  • Introduction to .NET Framework
  • Architecture, Evolution
  • .NET Versions
  • .NET Framework Components
  • Visual Studio Versions
  • Installation
  • Components of IDE
  • Features of Visual Studio IDE
  • Creating Project
  • Solution Using Visual Studio IDE and Shortcuts in IDE
  • C# language basics (Syntax, keywords, operators, data types)
  • importing namespace
  • Create Console Application
  • Using Convert, String, DateTime, Arrays, etc in-detail OOPS in C#.NET
  • Create and implement class, object, method, Polymorphism Inheritance, abstract class, interface
  • Exception Handling, properties and indexers, Delegates, Data Objects
  • Visual Studio IDE for Windows Forms
  • Creating Windows Forms
  • Working with controls like Label, TextBox, Button, RadioButton, CheckBox, ListBox, ComboBox, PicureBox, Dialog, Timer, and Handling Events
  • Ado.NET Architecture and ADO.NET Library
  • Creating and Establish database connectivity
  • Connection vs Disconnection Model
  • CRUD operations using Connection Oriented Model with SqlCommand and SqlDataReader
  • Navigation of data in data objects using Disconnection oriented model with SqlDataAdapter DataSet, DataTable, etc
  • Collection
  • Collection API
  • Generics
  • Generic Collection
  • Index and Key-Value paired collections
  • Assembly
  • Types of assemblies
  • Create Assembly
  • Create strong name
  • Install Assembly in GAC
  • Consume class library
  • ASP.NET Specification
  • Webpage
  • WebSite
  • Web Application
  • WebServers (IIS, IISExpress)
  • PostBack
  • PostBack types
  • Inpage vs Codebehind
  • Page Life Cycle events
  • Web Server Control
  • Available Web Sever controls
  • Using regular controls like, label, texbox, ListControl, RadioButtonList, CheckBoxList, DropDownList, BulletedList, ListBox
  • Validation of input using validation controls
  • Introduction to Linq
  • Linq type queries, sql like queries, Linq syntax
  • Access DataSource like Array, XML and database using Linq
  • Introduction to 3-Tier and example on 3-Tier Application
  • Introduction to State Management Techniques
  • ViewState
  • QueryString
  • Session
  • Cookie
  • Application and Cache
  • Ajax introduction and Architecture
  • Ajax extension controls
  • Demo Example
  • Task
  • Introduction to Security
  • Security in ASP.NET
  • Authentication (Anonymous Authentication, Windows Authentication
  • Forms Authentication)
  • Authorization
  • Securing a page and folders
  • WebService Introduction, SOA, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, etc
  • Example and Task


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