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Establish your expertise in gathering data and become a Database Expert

Databases certification courses are designed to train learners in the Database Management System (DBMS). The course educates about various platforms for organizing databases to access, manage, and retrieve all the information. It is meant for professionals keen on learning the methods to store, manage, and update information.


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    Teradata Certification Training

    Teradata is an application suite used to develop large-scale data warehousing solutions. This certification training will teach the learner in detail about the Teradata architecture, data storage, data retrieval, and indexing. The course covers the fundamentals of SQL as well as the advanced concepts in Teradata. Trainees will also learn about the various utilities provided by Teradata for data procession, export, and import. This training will prepare you for TEO-141 and TEO-142 certifications.

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    MySQL DBA Certification Training

    MySQL DBA Certification Training teaches trainees the basic and advanced concepts of MySQL for effective administration and management of a MySQL database. The course will educate learners on data modelling, database design, command line, MySQL functions, MySQL server, MySQL workbench, and more.

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    MongoDB Certification Training

    MongoDB is a document-oriented database, which means that it stores data in individual document collections, unlike MySQL, where data is stored on tables. This application provides high availability, horizontal scaling, and geographic distribution. This course will sharpen your database skills and educate you in data modelling, ingestion, query, and Sharding on MongoDB.

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    Apache Cassandra Certification Training

    Cassandra is an extensively scalable database that can manage and support a large amount of unorganized data. The Apache Cassandra Certification Training educates about database operations, node operations, table operations, cluster management, performance tuning, and more. With training, you?ll be able to host a Cassandra Database on cloud and integrate it with other Apache frameworks like Kafka, Spark, Hadoop.

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Kenneth Spoerl

I took up Scrum from eUpskill after comparing a lot of other sites. Thye offered me very good price, and I say this because I did a lot of research before investing my money here. Now how does Scrum framework help me?
Scrum is flexible, productive and impactful. It reduces dependency on other teams. In our organization, Scrum has solved complex problems so we would hopefully continue to reap the benefits of this framework in future too.

Cindy Janssen

Thanks to eUpskill for helping me complete my Scrum certification as per my schedule. They have excellent mock tests that lets you prepare is an easy way. The instructors were very good. A lot of practical examples and extensive theory was given. I gained a lot of hands on experience during the course. Scrum course taught me relevant scenarios to combat the day to day problems in the organization. The course is very insightful, and worth every penny it cost. I highly recommend this course from eUpskill.

James Coe

What best way to learn than at your own pace! I took my own breaks in between ofc hours and attended eUpskill’s live classes from the cafeteria. Their blended live session is best for people like me who have very late working hours. I attended some live classes and rest I did it at my own pace. Best thing I Iove their flexible learning module. E-learners can benefit from eUpskill.