Data Warehousing Certification Training

Understand the fundamentals of data warehousing and create efficient solutions

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Key Highlights

  • Live Project on Real-life Case Studies
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Course Overview

Data Warehousing Certification Training introduces learners to the concept of data warehouses and subtopics like schema, metadata, facts, normalization, data transformation, ET concepts, and dimensional modelling. The course will also teach how to implement the concepts expertly.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the basics of data warehousing
  • Apply the concepts of dimension and fact table
  • Create a data warehouse model
  • Implement ETL processes
  • Put schema, data modelling, and normalization concepts in action

Career Benefits

  • Enter the demanding data warehousing market
  • Become an independent data warehousing consultant
  • Boost prospects as a data warehousing career
  • Better remuneration
  • Get a variety of opportunities in the business intelligence sector where data storage and warehousing are needed


  • Basic Knowledge of databases

Who should take up?

  • Data Warehouse Professionals
  • Data Warehouse Architects
  • Testing Professionals
  • Mainframe Professionals
  • BI/ETL Professionals
  • Software Developers and Architects
  • Analytics Professionals
  • Project Managers

Course Content

  • What is a data warehouse? - Definition and explanation of the four terms - subject oriented, integrated, non volatile and time variant
  • Need for a data warehouse 3. Difference between a database and a data warehouse. OLTP and OLAP? 4. Datamart - The smaller cousin of the data warehouse
  • ODS - Operational Data Store - Definition and explanation of 4 terms - Subject oriented, Integrated, Current, Volatile, Detailed
  • Benefits of ODS 7. Design approach - Top down approach, bottom up approach, Federated
  • Dimensions and facts - What are dimensions and facts?
  • Types of dimensions - emphasis on SCD 1,2,3 implementations 3. Types of facts 4. What are hierarchies - Types of Hierarchies
  • Normalization
  • Schemas - What is a schema. Types - Star, Snowflake, Galaxy 3. Significant role of meta data
  • Requirement gathering
  • Principles of dimensional modelling
  • Modeling - ER diagrams
  • ETL Concept - Architectural components - like Source, Staging, Atomic, Dimension
  • Transformation - Data Validation, Data Accuracy, Data Type Conversion, Business Rule Application
  • Data Loading techniques
  • Discuss a project, its problem statement, probable solutions, and implement one solution


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