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The fast-evolving digital technology is generating and storing enormous amounts of data. Data Science breaks it into intelligible information that can help various industries, including healthcare. Courses in this multidisciplinary field arm learners with scientific insights, and make them use this knowledge to provide enriched results to numerous sectors.


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All Data Science Courses

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    Statistics Essentials for Analytics

    This course has been designed to train learners in numerous basic and advanced Statistical Approaches to resolve real-world complex problems. It educates about Bayesian Inference and Regression modelling. It teaches about different types of data and various data testing techniques.

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    Python Programming Certification Course

    This course is designed to train learners in Python programming concepts, such as, Data & file operations in Python, Object-oriented concepts in Python, and various Python libraries. It educates about different types of data, data visualization, python scripting, and iPython notebooks.

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    Decision Tree Modeling Using R Certification Training

    This course has been designed to train learners in various concepts, such as, Data Design, Regression Tree, and Pruning. It teaches about the numerous benefits of Decision Tree. It introduces trainees to several algorithms that work behind decision tree.

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    Data Analytics with R Certification Training

    Data Analytics with R certification is a globally accepted certification meant for professionals looking to transform themselves into skilled data analysts. It acquaints learners with Data Analytics, R Programming, Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Data Mining, Data Manipulation, Anova & Sentiment Analysis, and Regression. It trains the learners in the entire process of developing insights into the data set, and investigating it using numerous statistical methods.

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    Data Science Certification Course using R

    Data Science certification course using R is meant for professionals who want to gain expertise in data science using R programming language. The application of R language in data analysis has a role in machine learning algorithm and statistical inference. Learners are equipped with the tools and techniques for examining, cleaning, and converting data to gather useful information.

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    Machine Learning Certification Training using Python

    This Course is delineated to master the concepts of Machine Learning using high-level Python programming language. It develops proficiency in all types of Machine Learning algorithms, namely, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, and Reinforcement Learning. It imparts practical knowledge to develop Machine Learning algorithms using various concepts, such as, Time Series, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, etc

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    Python Certification Training for Data Science

    Python certification training provides a 360-degree overview of Python programming concepts, such as, file operations, data operations, and object-oriented programming. It acquaints learners with Python coding and its application in Data Analytics. It trains learners in Data Manipulation, Machine Learning using Python, Time Series Analysis, Association Rules Mining, Model Selecting and Boosting. The course introduces learners to NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.

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    SAS Training and Certification

    This course provides an integrated package of SAS programming and Analytics to learners. It teaches about the various domains, such as, Business Intelligence and Business Analytics. It educates about reading spreadsheets and databases using SAS functions for manipulation and debugging.

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Scrum is flexible, productive and impactful. It reduces dependency on other teams. In our organization, Scrum has solved complex problems so we would hopefully continue to reap the benefits of this framework in future too.

Cindy Janssen

Thanks to eUpskill for helping me complete my Scrum certification as per my schedule. They have excellent mock tests that lets you prepare is an easy way. The instructors were very good. A lot of practical examples and extensive theory was given. I gained a lot of hands on experience during the course. Scrum course taught me relevant scenarios to combat the day to day problems in the organization. The course is very insightful, and worth every penny it cost. I highly recommend this course from eUpskill.

James Coe

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