Mastering Apache Ambari Certification Training

Construct Hadoop clusters made up of hundreds of nodes

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Key Highlights

  • Live Project on Real-life Case Studies
  • Practical Assignments
  • Lifetime Access to Learning Management System
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  • Course Completion Certificate
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Course Overview

Apache Ambari is an open source web-based management tool that administers, supervises, and provisions the health of big data clusters. At the end of the course, learners will be able to create clusters made up of hundreds of nodes in just a few hours.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the Ambari Architecture
  • Learn about the Ambari internals and workflow
  • Create Hadoop clusters made up of hundreds of nodes in a few hours
  • Explore Ambari?s platform independency, security, and extensibility

Career Benefits

  • Enter the demanding Big Data market
  • Boost your resume for your Data Warehousing and Big Data career
  • Better remuneration
  • Ease work by effortlessly creating dense Hadoop clusters in lesser time


  • Basic Knowledge of Big Data and Hadoop

Who should take up?

  • Big Data Enthusiasts
  • Freshers who want a career in Apache Ambari
  • Hadoop Administrators
  • Database Professionals
  • Mainframe Testing Professionals
  • Hadoop Testing Professionals
  • DevOps Professionals
  • Full Stack Developers

Course Content

  • Introduction to the course, what is Ambari?
  • Types of managing tools
  • Pre-requisites and Working of managing tools (Ambari)
  • Setting up Ambari and related tools
  • Tasks in Ambari
  • Installation of Hadoop
  • Installation of different components of Hadoop and service management
  • Understanding of Ambari UI
  • Administering Ambari
  • Creating a cluster
  • Managing users, groups, and views
  • Accessing Ambari Web
  • Service management
  • Hosts managements
  • Stacks and versions management
  • Alerts and monitoring management
  • Troubleshooting through Ambari
  • Reviewing logs and general Issues
  • Configuration of Security
  • Kerberos setup
  • Implementation of Ldap
  • Implement Security on Databases and Passwords
  • Performance optimization and Memory optimization


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