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Make structured meaning out of humongous data

Big Data is changing the way businesses deal with customer engagement, reduce costs, and increase revenues. Our courses will teach to sort, analyze, and extract information in a structured manner from the big stash of data. Training in this field will make a learner ready to deal with complex and humongous data in a scientific way.


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All Big Data Courses

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    Big Data Hadoop Certification Training

    Big Data Hadoop certification introduces learners to the various tools and techniques and makes an impact in the Big Data Analytics industry. It covers all the topics, from basic to advanced. It aims to develop proficiency in Hadoop Architecture, HDFS, Hadoop MapReduce Framework, Apache Pig, Apache Hive, Apache HBase, and Oozie.

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    Splunk Training & Certification- Power User & Admin

    This course has been designed to train learners in Splunk software technology. It acquaints with the efficient tool for investigating, analyzing, monitoring, and visualizing the machine-generated data from various sources. It educates about developing and handling Splunk reports, Splunk Visualizations, and Splunk Dashboards.

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    Mastering Apache Ambari Certification Training

    Apache Ambari is an open source web-based management tool that administers, supervises, and provisions the health of big data clusters. At the end of the course, learners will be able to create clusters made up of hundreds of nodes in just a few hours.

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    MapReduce Design Patterns Certification Training

    With MapReduce Design Patterns Certification, learners will get a better understanding of the design patterns, including concepts like shuffling patterns, applicability, and structure. They will be able to write MapReduce code expertly, and apply the same to real world problems in an apt manner.

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    ELK Stack Training & Certification

    This course has been designed to train learners in all the three open-source products, namely, Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. It introduces learners to tools and techniques for running and functioning their own search cluster using Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. It educates about applying Logstash to load data into Elasticsearch, running various search operations and perform data visualization with the help of Kibana.

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    Comprehensive Pig Certification Training

    This course has been designed to train learners in processing and aggregating data with Apache Pig. It educates about performing Data Analytics using Pig. It teaches various basics and advanced concepts of Pig. It acquaints with Pig Latin and other concepts, such as, File Loaders, Group Operators, Joins, Group & Co-group operator, and Pig UDF.

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    Comprehensive MapReduce Certification Training

    This course has been curated to acquaint learners with distributed data processing and managing large amounts of data using MapReduce. It educates about writing MapReduce and YARN programs. It introduces to the advanced features of MapReduce.It teaches various concepts, including Hadoop MapReduce Frameworks, and Advance MapReduce.

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    Comprehensive Hive Certification Training

    Become a better database administrator and manager. Control Big Data better after learning the Hive Query language and UDF comprehensively. Explore the architecture and components that deliver effective data analysis.

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    Comprehensive HBase Certification Training

    HBase is a Big Table-like data model that can provide instant random access to huge volumes of structured data. The Comprehensive HBase Certification teaches candidates how to set up HBase on a Hadoop file system. They will also learn of ways to interact with the HBase shell and operate on it using Java.

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    Apache Spark and Scala Certification Training

    This course has been designed to train learners in the Big Data Hadoop Ecosystem. It teaches how to develop Spark applications using Scala programming. It develops an understanding to distinguish between Spark and Hadoop. It teaches about the tools and techniques to enhance application efficiency. It educates about strengthening the processing speed using Spark RDD. It also trains in customization of Spark using Scala.

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    Apache Kafka Certification Training

    This course has been curated with the aim of training learners in a distributed streaming platform, known as Apache Kafka. It teaches about storing streams of records in a fault-tolerant substantial way. It trains in publishing streams of records and consequently subscribing to it. It educates about the various concepts, such as, Apache Spark Framework, Functional Programming and OOPs concepts, Machine Learning using Spark MLlib, Apache Kafka, Apache Flume, and Apache Spark Streaming.

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    Hadoop Administration Certification Training

    Hadoop Administration certification training aims to train professionals in Hadoop architecture and its components. It teaches learners about the procedure followed while operating and upholding a Hadoop Cluster. It educates about the computational frameworks and managing resources.

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